Fine Art Jewelry


My designs are a visual and physical response to historic and culturally significant forms, symbols, and jewelry. Metaphorically, I have an ongoing dialogue with the artists and cultures that inspire and influence my work – as well as aspects of the natural world. My pieces are created with hand-woven and married metal techniques in which sterling silver and karat gold flow into each other.
Vicki Eisenfeld

The work of award-winning jewelry designer Vicki Eisenfeld has been featured in exhibitions at museums including the American Crafts Museum in New York, Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond, the Walters Museum of Art in Baltimore, the Textile Museum in Washington, DC, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Eisenfeld’s jewelry was included in the traveling exhibition “The Art of Gold,”sponsored by ExhibitsUSA. In addition, she has participated in leading trade shows including those sponsored by the American Crafts Council, Crafts America, the American Gem Association , and the Jewelers Circular Keystone. Articles about Eisenfeld have been published in Ornament, the New York Times, Metalsmith, and Jewelry Arts Lapidary Journal.

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